Garden Memorial Dedication at Cornerstone

Special to The Log

On Sunday, May 10 at 11:30 a.m., Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Destin will hold a Garden Memorial Dedication to remember the thousands of unborn children who have been lost in Northwest Florida since the legalization of abortion on demand in 1973. The public is also invited to the 10:30 a.m. worship service, after which the short dedication ceremony will take place on the garden adjacent to the church building.

 The church has partnered with Rachel Memorial Foundation, a non-profit group promoting national repentance over abortion, to dedicate a plaque to the 180,000 + babies who were killed by legal abortion in the 18 counties of Northwest Florida.

The symbol that Rachel Memorial Foundation places on all their plaques is that of a large oak tree, from which hangs an empty swing. Nationally, more than 60,000,000 souls have been lost to abortion over the last 42 years, and the Rachel Memorial Foundation seeks to promote awareness and repentance of this great national sin before God. 

Linda Wohleber, the founder of Rachel Memorial, hopes that plaques and memorial gardens such as this one will do just that.

“Our small rose gardens are quiet places of remembrance for the children who were aborted from our own community — the many lives lost in our own neighborhoods. But this isn’t just about remembering and repenting. It’s also about healing and restoration. We hope that these gardens will be quiet places for prayer, places which offer hope in a God who forgives and restores.”

Dewey Roberts, the pastor at Cornerstone, agrees.

“In the Scripture, God always calls people to repent of their particular sins. Abortion is one of the largest and worst national sins of our great country. Besides the economic impact of this sin, the moral and spiritual devastation it has caused has eroded much of the greatness of our nation. As a nation, we need to repent of this sin and turn away from it.”

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