Mission's first water well dedicated in Kenya

Special to The Log
Children gather at the well for prayer and dedication.

After more than six months of digging the well, hitting rock, blasting rock, digging, hitting rock and blasting, again and again, Destin-based Mission Love Seeds dedicated its first water well, dug by hand, in Kenya on July 25, 2015.

Children gathered around the well and two widows stopped by to get a drink of cool, clean water.

The well, made possible by a grant from The Grace Foundation of Grace Lutheran Church in Destin, will serve more than 300 families in the Bondo area. The children no longer have to drink dirty water, eat food cooked in contaminated water and carry water for long distances to their homes.

"To God we give all the glory," said Barbi Carroll, co-founder and president of MLS. "Thanks so much to Victor Oduor Olang'owho worked so hard and never gave up when we kept hitting solid rock."

There is much to be done in Bondo. MLS wants to purchase Bibles for everyone, make repairs on the school, and feed the hungry.

For pictures of step by step building of the well and other projects in Kenya, visit Mission Love Seeds Charity on Facebook.