TORI'S KENYA: God's 'teen' on the mission field

Victoria Terry
The Terry family, (from left), Sophia, Victoria, Al and Missy are missionaries in Kenya.

To many who know me, I am a caring and compassionate teenager on the mission field, serving the will of God. For the people who don’t know me … that’s who I am.

It has taken me a long time to come to peace with the term “long-term missionary,” which means on the field for over a year. It has been freeing to know that I don’t have to set a goal of a time or date to return to America, which I have done a hundred times. I don’t feel the sense of obligation that I am missing my life because it is in America.

I live in Kenya, and God has called me to Africa. I love the encouragement that my family and I receive when they see pictures of us evangelizing or just going through our daily lives. So many amazing experiences have come through moving the Kenya.

But you may ask, what spurred this change? Well, we had taken a team to our local garbage dump. At the time it was just a place, just an unreached people, and more unknown faces. The thing is ... I was looking at the situation in the wrong perspective.

We visited a crippled woman who had children in a school owned by another missionary family. We went in and prayed for her, routine so I thought. One of the group members asked her what she wanted. The woman replied, “I want to be able to walk but more importantly, I want people to see my walk with Christ more than to be blessed to walk.”

After leaving the dump I thought about what she had said, and I didn’t know what to think. I am sitting in the middle of Kenya, pining for America, while this woman is professing the name of Jesus from her bed. I didn’t know what to think. But now, I think about the woman in the dump and how God has given me the ability to stand for my faith.

Thank you to everyone who supports my family. We constantly ask for prayer and support in anyway available to you. I ask that you always remember, God loves you and can use anything in your life for discipleship and encouragement, you just have to ask. Be blessed!

Victoria Terry, her parents and sister are missionaries at Soysambu Wildlife Conservancy – Nakura, Kenya. Destiny Kenya is under the pastoral leadership of Destiny Worship Center. Tori can be reached at