TORI'S KENYA: A new culture, a different religion

Victoria Terry
A mission trip to Egypt included (from left, top) Cecilia Reber, Jill Reber, Kaelia Nealson, Hannah Wagner, Sophia Terry, Abi Jackson, and (bottom) Bethany Jackson, two new missionary friends, and Victoria Terry.

I had an amazing faith journey when I partook on a mission trip to Egypt this past March. Rift Valley Academy offers a mission trip to learn about another culture and to grow in God once a year for the junior and senior classes called interim. God opened the door for me to go to Egypt, the very first time of RVA’s participating as an interim location. Thirteen of us were all so excited to see what was going to happen.

I felt my heart begin to be tugged towards the Muslim religion, and I grew even more excited to see what God had to show me. We arrived in the early hours of the morning and were awake from almost sun up to way past sun down every day. We visited mosques, took prayer walks up the streets of Cairo and got to have amazing times learning about the Muslim faith.

Half way through the trip, we met a family who had converted to Christianity. As we sat and ate with them, hearing her story brought a great light to my once dark eyes. She converted in a neighboring country (I can’t give any more information, due to maintaining the safety of this family) and they had to flee their own country just to live. Once in Egypt, their lives are very much the same. Their children are not allowed to get passports or drivers licenses, and when they have children the government will not even recognize that they are citizens.

Could you imagine with me what it would be like if you were born in America, and just because your parents claimed the Word of Jesus, you aren’t recognized as a human with rights? This was my thought as this woman told me about her current life. I see how lucky I am to openly be able to proclaim the name of Jesus when, how and to whomever I want. I was burdened with the thought of inadequacy to this amazing testimony.

As we prayed for her though, I felt a sense of relief. God gave me the life he gave me to be impacted by women like this. To do exactly the freedoms he gave me, to proclaim Jesus to everyone. This family has shown me the true sovereignty of God and that all things come through the Hope in Jesus and having him guide you through the trials of life. I will forever remember the story of this family and be encouraged, as I hope you are too.

Victoria Terry, her parents and sister are missionaries at Soysambu Wildlife Conservancy – Nakura, Kenya. Destiny Kenya is under the pastoral leadership of Destiny Worship Center. Tori can be reached at