'Missionary Man' in St. Kitts

By BILLY GRAY Special to The Log
Special to The Log

Nurse Mary introduced her nurse friend to Billy Gray, who then introduced her to Jesus.

Editor’s Note: Billy Gray, local pastor at The Gathering in Sandestin and missionary, is in the process of getting "Missionary Man," his fourth book, published which he has co-written with his daughter, Trista Plantholt. He is sharing portions of it with us.

The next day my driver was a delightful, jovial nurse named Mary. Even though she had worked a full eight hour shift, all night long, she greeted me with an attitude of cheerfulness, enthusiasm, and readiness.

She ushered me to the appropriate neighborhood. As I went and spoke with neighbors, she remained steadfastly by my side, quietly cheering the listeners on to receive His truth through prayer.

We began walking to our next appointment when this mighty prayer warrior saw a fellow nurse, sitting on her front porch. The two ladies exchanged pleasantries. It was apparent that there was a close bond between them.

The nurse friend was the complete opposite of joyous Mary. She was twice Mary's age, cranky, and not the least bit hospitable to me. It was obvious she was happy to see Mary, but wanted nothing to do with this white, preacher-guy.

The customary, polite thing to do in the Caribbean, when someone greets you on the porch, is to invite them in and offer some form of cordiality. Nurse Friend was having none of this. Instead, she remained staunchly fixed on her porch, eating out of a bowl of chips, and drinking iced tea.

Even though it was only 10 a.m. the sun was hot and causing us to sweat profusely.

Despite Nurse Friend’s animosity towards me, I began sharing the Gospel with her. She in turn crunched her chips, as obnoxiously as possible, and rattled her ice cubes against the glass with every swig. She acted as though she was not listening to me and could not care less about what I was saying.

Occasionally she looked over at Mary and made a snide remark about what I was saying, hoping to derail the witness. I was suited in the full armor of God; sling shots, arrows, and sullenness could not detract me from the mission at hand.

As I continued to speak, and prayer warrior Mary continued to quietly pray, Nurse Friend’s veil of non-interest slowly began to come off as the Word of God penetrated her heart. The countenance of her face softened, she sat quietly, and her heart opened up as the truth spread into her conscience like a wild fire. Nurse Friend accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior.

Now, Mary not only had a nurse friend, but she had a new sister in Christ.