GUEST COLUMN: God's answer to cancer

Capt. Ben Marler Special to The Log

Christians do not have to suffer with cancer if they’d just understand how much God hates it and wants it destroyed.

Billions of prayers have been prayed for those suffering and, for some reason, it seems most fall on deaf ears or it seems that way. We could find the answer if we would just examine more carefully what he’s told us in the Bible.

Most never take the time to seek him in it, so he’s made it easy by having one of his greatest of all servants T.L. Osborn, write a book, “Healing the Sick.” At this time I’ve either given away or made available more than 1,600 copies, which I believe are mostly unread like the Bible.

One day at sea he had me make an announcement over the PA as we were headed home on a fishing trip from the southwest. I asked, do we have anyone aboard with a doctor’s diagnosis of a terminal illness. Immediately, a young man entered my cabin and said, “Captain Ben I have terminal cancer.”

After learning he was a Christian and believed the Lord could heal him I used the information within the book and did the following. I blessed the Lord for his life then I cursed the cancer that was killing him in the name of Jesus and then commanded it to die in his name. I offered him a copy of the book for I had a stack near my compass when he offered to read it. From that moment on he was out of my mind for I had much to concentrate on … getting us safely tied to the pier after avoiding many boats near the Destin sea buoy and in the channel.

Five years later he’s slapping me on the back telling the man next to me what a great guy I was. Then he explained what had happened when out fishing with me, which included that 30 days later he was in remission and had been cancer free for five years. I held my own “revival” right then and there.

Since then I’ve cursed every cancer and commanded them to die at every opportunity. One woman near where I live told me later she was now cancer free. God recognizes true faith and the book imparted it within me on his desire to heal. The Bible tells us he healed all who came to him.

I love doctors, nurses and all trained to bring his healing to our bodies and minds, and they do great work. Actually, they facilitate healing with their awesome skills and abilities but struggle to heal cancers. I believe Jesus is the only one who can do it, but it’s by his way … not by man’s. When we look to the cross and see Jesus hanging there in our place with many wounds, we should know how serious he is about keeping us well and healing us when we aren’t. Prayer is a requirement for all who say Jesus is my lord and savior, but in this case speaking truth to cancers is the only way to see them killed by him.

I hope everyone will get a copy soon and believe what they read for it’s filled with healing scriptures that I trust daily. The book can be obtained from Amazon or direct from Osborn’s ministry at

Capt. Ben Marler, a longtime Destin resident, fisherman and author of “Old Destin Through the Eyes of a Child,” “4 o’clock in the morning,” and “I Am Not Ashamed of Jesus,” can be reached at