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Facebook removed the Christian ministry "Warriors for Christ" page Jan. 5 for violating the social media site's community standards. [SPECIAL TO THE LOG]

Facebook removes Christian page

Facebook recently removed the page for the Christian ministry “Warriors for Christ” for violating the social media site's community standards on bullying and hate speech,

The West Virginia-based ministry opposes any sinful behavior and had more than 225,000 followers when it was removed. The page was originally taken down Dec. 29 for posts that were critical of LGBT rights and abortion, but was reinstated after an online petition called for a reversal from Facebook.

The page was again removed on Jan. 5, but Facebook only pointed to their policies on hate speech and bullying when asked for a comment. The policy states bullying or harassment is not tolerated and pages that “attack” people based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender and gender identity will be removed.