My take on Christian faith bias in mainstream media

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The Destin Log
Susanna Lynn

My Christian faith leads me to live conservative values. And I’m calling on fellow Christians to take a stand with me against the concerted actions waging war on our values.

Just recently in The New Yorker, Dan Piepenbring wrote an article where he expressed that Chick-fil-A opening another restaurant in New York is a “creepy infiltration” because of their “Christian traditionalism,” the fact that they “oppose same-sex marriage,” and that “its stores close on Sundays.” If I didn’t know better, I would think this was a joke.

But like others with disdain for Christian values that conflict with their own, this is tragically not a joke, but more of a commentary of how far the insanity has progressed. As in Isaiah 5:20, we are living in times where good is called evil, and evil is looked on as good. And the liberal view of being “politically correct” seems to be defined as “respect everyone’s opinions, except those of the Christian faith.”

I find it remarkably ignorant of Mr. Piepenbring to ignore that there are New York food vendors who are of the Muslim faith (which also deems homosexuality a sin and mandates that it is not engaged in). Also, there are devout Muslims who close their establishments when it is time to pray.

However, his whining feelings of “creepy infiltration” by Muslims is absent. It is clear that Christians are targets of ridicule and abuse by bullies who mistakenly call themselves champions of tolerance. This targeted, abusive behavior is pervasive, but we don’t hear a peep about it in the mainstream media, for there is the greatest source of distorted truth in fake news.

The AP (Associated Press) is a perfect example of this bias. Recently, the wording in an article about my prolife work was changed to adhere to AP guidelines. It is evident that AP guidelines are slanted against conservative values. AP changes the word “prolife” (a positive word) to “anti-abortion” (a negative word).

What is the purpose of changing the word prolife, except to promote a negative connotation? In addition, the word “prolife” encompasses protecting life rights of the preborn, the infirmed and the elderly. So the AP change actually presents incorrect information.

I took a stand for the changes to be removed, and I thank Pastor Ray Angerman who spoke in wisdom and leadership for the truth. I also thank Publisher Diane Winnemuller for retracting the AP changes, and reprinting my corrected statements in the article published April 13.

The agenda against Christians is clear. We are not fighting against flesh and blood, but of unseen principalities. This is war, fellow Christians, and we need the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10 -18) to go up against many Goliaths, including the mainstream media.

Put on the belt of truth with the breastplate of righteousness, walk in the shoes of peace, bear the shield of faith, wear the helmet of salvation and protect yourselves with the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.

Stay strong in Jesus as you fight the battles in this war.

I’m with you.



Susanna Lynn is a public speaker and singer. She can be reached at