I CAN AND I WILL: Don't keep putting things off until tomorrow

Rick Stanfield
Rick Stanfield

Tomorrow is our enemy. When I was struggling during our time of homelessness, I found myself stalling. I didn’t want to deal with the problems I was drowning in, so I said, “I’ll get started tomorrow.” Soon I noticed I was putting off everything until tomorrow.

It made sense. Who wants to deal with a bad situation now? The problem is, you are disrespecting the life God blessed you with. Bad things happen, but God has given all of us the talent and wisdom to deal with it.

There are many reasons for procrastination, including depression, anxiety, and simply, your personality. Many perfectionists procrastinate. They’d rather not do it than do it and have it not be perfect.

If you’re sleeping late, if you’re phone is not ringing, or if you don’t want to face the day, please do this for me:

1. Get up early.

2. Be kind to every person you meet that day, even if they don’t deserve it.

3. Do your best at whatever task is in front of you.

4. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

5. Create something. A note to yourself. Paint a picture. Draw your happy place on a scrap sheet of paper. Make a new friend. Write a letter to your loved ones.

Do these things today, not tomorrow. After a few days, your phone will be ringing. You’ll get calls from people who just want to talk to you because you make them feel better. Your job will get easier, and people will be volunteering to help you. New friends will be knocking at your door simply because they want to be around you.

Be a ray of light to every person you encounter!

Rick Stanfield is a syndicated columnist, motivational speaker, and author. His latest book is “I Can and I Will.” For more information, visit his website at