I CAN AND I WILL: The more you help, the better you'll feel

Rick Stanfield
Rick Stanfield

I found myself in a situation years ago that required a lot of methodical, impossible actions to transpire before I could ever get myself out of it. Although I couldn’t do this because it was impossible, nothing is impossible for God. I hope you can see the power of faith.

God wants to do these things for us, but he requires true faith from us that we believe in him. I use the term “dig deep” a lot because to find the path we’re all looking for, you must do this. Dig deep!

If you simply say you “believe,” it’s not enough. Always remember, you cannot fool God! He knows if you have “faith” and once you dig deep down in your soul to find that peace, and trust in him, he’s got it from there. You’ll know when it happens, it’s a spiritual renewal of your soul and there’s no doubt any longer. So if you’re wondering if it's happened yet, it hasn’t.

One problem I had was depression. Depression was stopping me in my tracks. One morning, I woke up and thought, how selfish am I? My family is trying to help and are never angry with me. God didn’t assign this life for me to misuse, and who do I think I am sitting around making everyone else feel bad? If I love the way I’m supposed to love, stop the negative thoughts, focus only on good things, I can beat this! I got out and I helped people, even when it didn’t pay. I did this every day and before long, no more depression. The more I helped others, with no hidden agenda, the better I felt. Try it.

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