Destin Cross Walk on Good Friday

Pam Griffin
City Councilman Skip Overdier carries the cross to the first station as two volunteers hold a "Jesus is Lord" banner at a previous walk. [FILE PHOTO/ THE LOG]

This year’s Destin Cross walk will be held on Good Friday, April 19. Arrive at Morgan’s Sports Complex parking lot at 11:45 a.m. for instructions. For up-to-date news, visit

The Cross Walk is an interdenominational procession honoring Jesus’ “Way of Suffering” through the streets of Old Jerusalem. The participants follow a volunteer cross bearer to the 14 "stations" with Scripture readings at each station. They will march along Commons Drive between Airport and the circle at Two Trees.

The Stations of the Cross commemorates the Via Dolorosa (The Way of Suffering) where Jesus walked. The street is said to be the path that Jesus walked, carrying His cross, on the way to His crucifixion.

The 14 Stations are:

1. Jesus is condemned to death.

2: Jesus carries His cross.

3: Jesus falls the first time.

4: Jesus meets His mother.

5: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the cross.

6: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.

7: Jesus falls the second time.

8: Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem.

9: Jesus falls the third time.

10: Jesus is stripped of His garments.

11: Jesus is nailed to the cross.

12: Jesus dies on the cross.

13: Jesus is taken down from the cross.

14: Jesus is laid in the tomb.