The Lord is ready for the battle

Caroline Hare
Caroline Hare

Summer is a time of break and transition. Often it truly is a time to reboot and reset some of our life patterns that get out of whack during the school year.

Whether it is taking the time to smell the gulf with a guest from out of town or just floating in the pool for a few minutes on a hot day, we need those moments of rest and recharge.

Maybe your quiet time with the Lord fell off your plate as the school year came to a close. This is the perfect opportunity to reset that lifestyle habit.

At the same time, in those moments, we often look ahead to what is next. Maybe your children are not going to be in as many sports next year to regain meal time at dinner with the whole family.

In those reset times, it is so good to look at everything: What stays, and what goes. Get a strategy for how you won’t be depleted by Christmas again. There is a sense of security we feel as we make plans and try to get things in some sort of order. We feel empowered and in control.

In reality, that very well may be a false sense of empowerment.

In Joshua 5, Joshua is headed to Jericho to survey the situation to plan to take back what is rightfully God’s people's territory.

As a leader — of your household, a classroom or something else — you probably are like Joshua and would like to know what you are getting into when a new season is approaching and get a plan on how to deal.

In verses 13 through 15, Joshua encounters the real commander of the Lord’s army, and He has a sword drawn ready to take on the battle. This is an angelic figure of some sort, or possibly even God himself!

Verse 5:15 states: The commander of the Lord’s army replied, “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy.” And Joshua did so.

Many times, we go in trying to survey what needs to happen and how we can make a plan, just so that we can breathe.

In reality, the Lord is just wanting us to take off our sandals and recognize that He is holy and set apart, and He totally has whatever it is that is coming in the future.

Caroline Hare is assistant to the pastor for Ministry Coordination and the Next Generations pastor at Destin United Methodist Church. She can be reached at