We all wonder why things happen

Rick Stanfield

Sometimes I start feeling sorry for myself, as I determine that the cards are stacked against me. I occasionally question God’s motives and ask, why must bad things happen to me?

Don’t feel like you’re the only person to ever think like this, and never feel like it’s “wrong” to have those feelings. We all wonder why things happen, but can you imagine a life where you didn’t experience unfortunate events?

A perfect life is not realistic, and I wouldn’t be the person I am if my life were great all the time. Bad things happen to everyone, and it’s not God targeting you, but it is your chance to shine.

My life has been one of ups and downs. As soon as I believe I’ve got this world figured out, I fall on my rear end.

As I lay in a hospital bed for nearly a week, I could hear the other patients in the ICU suffering, and after I was transferred to a regular room, I watched folks battling for their lives.

I held my Dad’s hand as he died, and without that experience, I wouldn’t be able to understand what others felt as their loved ones passed. My illness allowed me to feel and to see firsthand what families endured.

More than anything, when something like this happens, it lets you know who really cares about you. I realized that the kindness of folks in your life is what helps make these events bearable, and that goodness would not be there if we didn’t have to experience life-changing events for ourselves.

Thank you all for the kindness that you have shown me. I will be forever grateful to you. Cherish the good times with the ones you love and make as many of those memories as you can.

Keep your relationship with God first and when the unfortunate things happen, you won’t be afraid, but you’ll use those memories to understand the world better.

Rick Stanfield is a syndicated columnist, motivational speaker and author. For more information, visit his website at