'Never Alone' new book by Billy Gray

Special to Gannett
Never Alone released in February 2021.

In 2008, Billy Gray wrote a book, "From Prosecutor to Prison to Preacher." He really thought that would be his one and only book. But people clamored for more. Three books followed: "Missionary Man," "A Life Lived," and "An Amazing Collection."

As years have passed and the books were introduced to new people, once again, he heard, “there’s more, there’s more, tell us more!”

In quiet reflective moments a story would pop into his mind, and then another. The painful process from an unskilled writer began all over.

"Never Alone," released in February 2021, is the product of that thought process. It consists of short stories showing how we are never truly alone when we have Jesus Christ in our lives.

Gray was born, raised and educated in Memphis, Tennessee, and graduated from the University of Memphis Law School.

His wife of 30 years, Pat, went home to be with the Lord in 1992. He has a son, Ty and a daughter, Trista, and three grandchildren: Erika, Hannah and Caleb.

He now lives in Destin.

In 1976 he was accused of a conspiracy to defraud; he was later convicted of this charge. Although it was recommended he be given a probated sentence, much to the shock of the legal community, a sentence of nine years was handed down.

Like Joseph in the book of Genesis, he claimed “although you meant it for evil, God meant it for good.” During this time he dedicated himself to the Lord.

For the last 43 years he has taught, preached, and mentored in the name of Jesus. He has visited 78 countries, many of which had never seen a white man.

He is still active with the Billy Gray Ministries supporting pastors, missionaries, churches, college students, and orphans around the world. He is available for preaching, seminars and other speaking engagements at billygrayministries@yahoo.com.