I CAN AND I WILL: Don't procrastinate as tomorrow is not guaranteed

Rick Stanfield
Rick Stanfield

When I lived in Florida, I became very good friends with a coworker. She was 62 years old, very eccentric, and extremely boisterous. This friendship was odd because I am a devout Christian, and she was an atheist. She called me one day to tell me she had cancer and didn’t have long to live.

She and I spoke nearly every day, and I asked her if she’d let me pray for her. She agreed and seemed at peace after our prayer. I asked if I could bring my pastor to her

house and she wanted that. This was on a Friday, and I told her I’d be back on Tuesday. She died Monday afternoon.

"As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work." John 9:4

I believe the devil created procrastination and illogical excuses. “This isn’t important right now; I will get to it later.” “This is too difficult, let’s keep it for next week.” “I need to be in the right mood.” “I work better under pressure.”

I feel as if I didn’t do the work God wanted me to do with my deceased friend. I had the

opportunity to do more and I put it off. I had the chance to do exactly what Christians are

obligated to do, but I decided to wait.

If you are putting off chores that need to be done, or things that need to be said, stop what you’re doing now and do them. Tomorrow is not promised, and the work we need to do is important. Those people who need a prayer need it now. The friends and family that know you love them still need to hear the words.

I love and appreciate you all!

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