Almost 70,000 granola bars ... and counting

Pam Griffin
The Destin Log
Gareth Stearns with Destin's "fisher of men," Capt. Ben Marler, also known as "the man with  the sign."

Since Good Friday in 2013, Capt. Ben Marler has carried a sign to the Emerald Coast bridge that bears his family name or street corners in Destin. He also passes out granola bars with "Jesus Loves Me" written on them wherever he goes.

"This man has personally handed out more than 69,000 granola bars around town while he simultaneously blesses and prays for the folks who choose to accept one from him," Gareth Stearns posted on Facebook. "It’s truly his mission in life, and he lives it proudly and to the fullest. I am proud to call Captain Ben my friend. Thank you for the brief visit at work today, sir."