DES Lunch Menu Oct. 21-25

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

The menu for Oct. 21-25 at Destin Elementary includes:

• Oct. 21: Meatball sub no cheese or meatball sandwich with cheese, breaded chicken on a bun, steamed green beans, tropical pineapple tidbits and choice of milk

• Oct. 22: Barbecue grilled chicken on a bun, turkey taco nachos with fresh sliced bread, steamed carrots, applesauce and choice of milk

• Oct. 23: Salisbury steak w/gravy with fresh sliced bread, grilled cheese, crinkle cut french fries, mixed berry cup and choice of milk

• Oct. 24: Chicken Parmesan with baked dinner roll, hot dog on a bun, broccoli, mixed fruit and choice of milk

• Oct. 25: Chicken fajita & cheese quesadilla or cheese quesadilla with salsa, cheese or pepperoni pizza, seasoned refried beans w/cheese. diced peaches and choice of milk