Special animals looking for special homes

Dusty Ricketts
Aja (A106968) is a female brown and white jack russell terrier mix about 2 years old.

Here are eight pups from the Santa Rosa County Animal Services shelter that are heartworm positive and need a foster home for a few months during the length of their care. If families are interested in adopting one of these dogs, they can also foster to adopt.

Initial heartworm treatment lasts about 75 days and heartworm positive dogs will need to be on lifelong prevention medicine. The dog's foster home will be responsible for treating them each day for 30 days and occasionally bringing it into the shelter for treatment. During that time, dogs will need strict rest including no running in the yard or at dog parks.

There are other animals, such as young kittens and puppies, pets recovering from surgeries or illnesses, or those simply needing a break from the shelter environment that can also benefit from a foster home. Foster commitments can range from just a few days to several months, so you can choose an option that is suitable to your lifestyle.

Those interested in fostering must meet the following qualifications:

– Foster parents must be able to provide a safe, loving, and stable environment while the animal is in their foster care.

– Foster parents must be over 18 years of age.

– Experience with animal behavioral or medical issues is a plus, but not necessary.

– Foster parents must have patience, as well as be willing to provide needed care which may consist of bottle feeding, administering medicines, or other necessary requirements

– All foster families agree to a home inspection performed by a staff member at any time.

– Foster parents must be able to transport their foster animal to and from the shelter during business hours, should the need arise.

For more info on the guidelines and requirements of the foster program, visit

If someone is interested in fostering, they can fill out an application at the shelter or online at

If someone cannot foster but wants to help out, they can consider volunteering or donating to our shelter. For more information on either of these, call the shelter at 850-983-4680 or visit

Each week, Santa Rosa County Animal Services and the Press Gazette share photos and descriptions of several animals in need of immediate adoption. If you are interested in adopting one of them, call Santa Rosa County Animal Services at 983-4680 or visit 4451 Pine Forest Road, Milton. Adoption fees vary based on age.