Seafood Shuttles: Fleet of pedicabs will help move thousands of Seafood fest goers

Jordan Swanson
Gulf Coast Pedicab Service, run by Nick Sexton (pictured) and his business partner Ashley Curd, will provide transportation services during the 34th Annual Destin Seafood Festival at HarborWalk Village Oct. 5-7.

Beat the headache of finding a parking spot at the Seafood Festival by parking across Highway 98 and hitching a ride in a pedicab.

The owners and operators of Gulf Coast Pedicab Service are Nick Sexton and Ashley Curd. They began their business March 23.

While shuttles will run throughout the festival, with pick-up and drop-off locations at The Track and and the parking lot in front of Lowe's at Destin Commons, the pedicab service will provide transportation for the 34th Annual Destin Seafood Festival near HarborWalk Village Oct. 5-7.

Sexton said people choose a ride in one of his pedicabs over your everyday taxicab because it’s “more fun, environmentally friendly, and people don’t have to drive around to find a parking space.” Instead, drivers can park wherever they can find a vacant spot and call the pedicab service to pick them up and take them to their desired location.

Sexton said customers can also treat it like a round-trip service.

Gulf Coast Pedicab Service provides transportation for special events happening from Pensacola to Destin like Blue Wahoos home games in Pensacola, festivals, weddings, and more.

“We thought three to four would be enough, now it’s 15,” Sexton said of his pedicab fleet. He expects to have eight to 12 cabs operating at the festival.

The pedicabs can comfortably seat two to three adults, with children in their laps as an acceptable option.

Wen traveling down Hwy. 98, his pedicabs take to the sidewalks for safety reasons, and journey the backstreets when transporting to other areas.

“We’ll go as far as they want,” he said.

Sexton said his service is great for families, those with disabilities and those who’ve had too much to drink.

“It’s always a free ride — we do work for tips,” Sexton said, noting that they take cash and checks.

Sexton has about 30 independent contractors who rent his pedicabs to provide transportation service for his business.

“Some of them have gotten quarters and pennies — they ride for it all,” said Sexton.

He even puts the drivers through training before they can operate his pedicabs.

“We aren’t just sending them out,” Sexton said.

During the Destin Seafood Festival, be on the lookout for the red, yellow and green pedicabs, or give Sexton a call to locate one.

The service makes money to operate through advertising the events it works at on the side of the pedicabs. Sexton said the pedicabs will be back for Destin events occurring during the Thanksgiving holiday and New Year’s.

For more information, contact Sexton at 850-291-9467, or find Gulf Coast Pedicabs on Facebook.

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With more than 50,000 expected to descend on Destin harbor from Friday to Sunday, the city of Destin provides free public parking options in the harbor district.

Four city-owned parking lots will be ready for the festivities along the harbor boardwalk during the month of October. Public Parking Lots include Marler Street (corner of Marler Street and U.S. 98), Destin Community Center, Destin Library, and Zerbe Street (corner of Zerbe Street and Sibert Avenue).

There are three designated crosswalks along U.S. 98: Marler Street; across from AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar; and Stahlman Avenue. Please use these crosswalks to cross U.S. 98. The Sheriff’s Posse will be posted at the Marler Street and Stahlman Avenue crosswalks during the Seafood Festival, Oct. 5-7.

Shuttles will run throughout the festival, with pick-up and drop-off locations at The Track and Bass Pro Shops at Destin Commons.