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The Destin Log

After Wednesday night’s presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney, The Log asked its Facebook fans who they thought won the election year’s first debate. Here is what they had to say.

Terri Lawley McCollum: Romney was focused and to the point. Obama was all over the place. Patti Peach Whitworth: Not the American people. Ally Plummer: Romney hands down. He actually had substance and knew what he was talking about. Also knew how to make eye contact. Sara Ivy: Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson. Gary Stevens: Neither. This is the election session. One conversation will not determine the next 4 years. At least I'd hope that people wouldn't pertain to know how the next four years of their life will go after one nationally televised debate... David Smith: I'm a political junkie....but this was a very boring debate. Shayne Denton: not the rude white man Elise Gilchrist: Romney but only because he sounded more like a democrat. I couldn't believe it. Who is the real mitt Romney someone who like the middle class or someone on the video who has disdain for almost half the country. Lowen Daniel: Romney was good on style but very poor on substance! Randy Hayden: I was too busy dreaming about winning the Fishing Rodeo to watch that crap... Mark A. Levison: The lobbyist and powerbrokers. Tom Phillips: The next debate should be entertaining. Have the popcorn ready! Rick Scheel: Wow, Destin’s full of white republicans. Who'd of thought...