FDOT replacing rip rap under Marler Bridge (PHOTOS)

Matt Algarin
Approximately 3,500 tons of rock will be placed under the Marler Bridge as part of a rip rap project.

Crews from the Florida Department of Transportation are in the process of placing approximately 3,500 tons of stone underneath the Marler Bridge as part of a rip rap project.

“We want to make sure that all of our bridges are secure,” FDOT District 3 Spokesman Ian Satter told The Log Tuesday.

The large stones will be placed and pieced together at the bridge’s abutments (piling) to help protect against scouring and water erosion.

Basically, rip rap works by absorbing and deflecting the energy of waves before they reach whatever structure they are protecting, according to Wikipedia. The size and the mass of the stone, or whatever material is used for rip rap, absorbs the impact energy of the waves, while the gaps in between the rock traps and slows down the flow of the water, which lessens its ability to erode soil or the structure.

Rip rap also provides protection from ice or any other type of debris that could damage bridge supports and pilings.

Satter said the work under Marler Bridge is routine and wouldn’t disrupt traffic moving over the bridge. He did say that there would be some sidewalk closures as work progresses.

Work is expected to wrap up mid-January.