Snowbirds flock back to Destin roost

Jessica Coker
The Destin Snowbirds Club kicked off its 2012-2013 season on Monday with a Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting followed by opening day registration, which brought in 130 members.

The winter visitors from the north are back and have taken up roost at the Destin Community Center.

Monday was the first day of registration for the Destin Snowbird Club 2012-2013 season and the numbers are up with 130 new and returning members. Last year the club registered 105 on opening day.

The day began with a few welcoming words from Destin’s mayor, Sam Seevers.

“For the new people, it's my honor and pleasure to welcome you to the City of Destin and for those of you who have been coming back year after year; I want to welcome you all home,” Seevers said.

After a few photos were snapped of the group, the snowbird season officially kicked off with a Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting.

Art and Margaret Kelly, of Dayton, Ohio, have been spending their winters in Destin for more than 30 years, but have only been part of the club the past 10.

The couple told The Log that they have always loved Destin, but once they became part of the snowbird club they loved it even more because it gave them the chance to socialize and make connections.

“The weather, the sunshine, everything is perfect in Destin,” Art said.

Additional chances to register will be held from 1 to 3 p.m., Monday Nov. 27, Dec. 3 and Dec 10 at the Destin Community Center.

Annual membership dues are $8 and allow the bird’s entrance to a number of different activities, from bowling and golfing to card games and concerts.

To learn more about the Destin Snowbirds visit