Dr. Carla Hinds celebrates 20 years of business in Destin

Matt Algarin
The staff at Dr. Carla Hinds office is ready to help Destinites with their allergy and asthma needs. The staff includes, from left, Cheryl Barnhart, RN; June Hinds (Kaye Barrett, RN; Janie Welborn, RN; and Carla Hinds, MD.

Dr. Carla Hinds has been treating Destinites’ allergies for two decades and has no plans to slow down any time soon.

“Everyday it’s something different,” said Dr. Hinds, an Asthma and Allergy specialist. “There’s really a lot of variety in this specialty, which makes it interesting.”

Situated along Airport Road, Dr. Hinds first opened her doors in Destin in December of 1992 and has been building relationships with her patients ever since. Sitting down with The Log, Dr. Hinds looks back fondly on the past 20 years in Destin.

Affected by asthma and allergies as a child growing up in Tennessee, Dr. Hinds took an early interest in her future profession after leaving the Volunteer State for the sugar white beaches of Destin.

“I was sick all of the time when we were in Tennessee,” she said. “When we moved here I was healthy.”

Having grown up in Destin, She has come full circle. She attended college in Mississippi, medical school at UNC-Chapel Hill, and had her residency and fellowship at Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Hinds then went to Emory in Atlanta as an assistant professor before coming back to Florida; first in Pensacola, then back to Destin.

Located at 971 Airport Road, Dr. Hinds and her staff, some of which have been in the office for more than 15 years, can treat anything from hay fever and pet allergies to asthma and hives in all ages.

“Allergy shots have been around for more than 100 years; they date back to the very beginnings of immunizations,” she said.

Allergies, Dr. Hinds said, are an abnormal immune system response to factors in the environment that a body should typically ignore.

“Your body shouldn’t care if you pick up a cat or mow the grass,” she said. “Those things aren’t harmful, but what is harmful is the body’s response to it.”

Allergies are also genetic, which has led to Dr. Hinds’ practice becoming more family-oriented. Over the years, she said, watching her young patients grow has been a joy.

To learn more about the services Dr. Hinds offers, call 850-654-4641 or visit her website at

As she sits back and looks at the past two decades in Destin, Dr. Hinds is looking forward to the future.

“I’ve been really blessed with great patients and a great staff,” she said. “I really try to do the very best for every one of my patients that comes to see me.”