Annual roadway assessment identifies problem areas in city

Matt Algarin
Zerbe Street tops the city’s list of roadways in need of repair after its annual assessment was completed.

Public services crews at the city have made a list and checked it twice after wrapping up their roadway assessments.

“We have 48 roadways that can be considered for repairs,” Deputy Public Services Director Tim Pietenpol told The Log.

On an annual basis, the city completes roadway, sidewalk and striping assessments so they can identify potential problem areas or roadways that might be considered for resurfacing or restriping, as well as sidewalks that need to be repaired.

Complete with a weighted-scale checklist in hand, Pietenpol and his crews evaluate the city’s arterial and collector roadways and look for various issues such as potholes, alligator cracking, edge cracking, roughness and drainage issues.

Roadways can be given a 3 (bad rating), 2 (moderate rating) or a 1 (not so bad rating). The higher the roadway is rated, the more urgent repairs are needed.

The biggest problem facing roadways, Pietenpol said, is water and drainage issues, which causes potholes. Roadways that are heavily trafficked also tend to break down more quickly.

Looking at his list, Pietenpol said Zerbe Street was at the top, followed by Industrial Park Road, a portion of Indian Trail, Kelly Street, a portion of Benning Drive and Mattie Kelly Boulevard just to name a few.

The next step for the public services crew is to turn over its findings to the city’s public works and safety committee, which is tasked with evaluating the list and forwarding it on with any suggestions to the city council.

All of the roadways identified this year will be put on a funding cycle for next year’s budget and capital improvement projects.

While it might not be glamorous, Pietenpol said it’s important for the city to keep its roadways and sidewalks maintained for the safety of all motorists and pedestrians.

“Safety is always one of the biggest factors for us,” he said. “This is kind of one of those behind the scenes things for us, but shows that we have a method to our madness.”