‘Not out to hammer people’: Code enforcement sweeping city for sign violations


David Bazylak says educating residents and business owners on the city’s sign ordinance is a continual process, and his code enforcement team is ready to help.

“We want businesses to be able to flourish, so we talk to folks and give them pamphlets to educate them about our code, which is pretty long,” the city’s code enforcement manager said. “We’re not out to hammer people.”

The city’s code enforcement officers are currently in the process of conducting routine sweeps along the U.S. Hwy. 98 corridor and other major commercial areas to inform businesses of its regulations, provide assistance with proper permitting, and educate them on how to come into compliance.

And while the rate of compliance is typically very high in the city, Bazylak told The Log that his team could focus on nothing but signs seven days a week.

“Signs have gotten a little out of control on highway 98,” he said. “You’ve got these little enclaves where it’s county land so it can be confusing.”

Of all of the offenders in the city, one of the biggest culprits are garage sales signs. Bazylak said that most people don’t realize that the common signs are illegal (unless they are placed on a residential property).

But don’t fear, more than likely the city isn’t going to come and snatch up your sign.

“By right, we can come and pick them up, but we try and work with people,” he said. “If we can’t find the owner of a sign, we will typically hold on to them for about a week to give people time to come get them.”

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