Lights aglow at Destin’s Candy Cane Lane

Jessica Coker
Destin resident Andy Murphy of Sea Oats Drive becomes Andy Claus of Candy Cane Lane during the holiday season.

The residents living on Destin's Sea Oats Drive have been busy — transforming their street into Candy Cane Lane once again for the Christmas season.

Andy Murphy — merrily known as Andy Claus on Candy Cane Lane — told The Log that he and his neighbors have been transforming their street into a winter wonderland for eight years and there’s no plan to stop anytime soon.

Complete with train tracks and two train stations, Murphy's yard features a working train conducted by a snowman.

Rivaling The Polar Express, the train almost seamlessly travels around the tracks, chugging by tons of lights and decorations, cutting through the billowing smoke coming from the chimney of one train station.

Murphy said the only issue with the train is stability, adding unless you position it "just right," it tries to jump off the tracks.

It takes countless hours to set up the display every year, but, according to Murphy, "it's worth it."

Murphy said his favorite part of being known as Andy Claus and turning his street into Candy Cane Lane is seeing the excitement on the faces all of the people who come to visit — especially the children.

"I love doing this, I'll keep doing it until I can't." said Murphy of 618 Sea Oats Drive.

Murphy said he leaves his lights on until about midnight every night so as many people as possible can come by and enjoy Candy Cane Lane.

Whether you're traveling by sleigh or you're hoofing it, the Candy Cane Lane display has become an unofficial Christmas tradition for Destin.