New life for old Logs: Local Realtor repurposes old Destin newspapers for neat gifts


For years, newspapers have been used to line bird cages — or even to wrap a fish or two.

Local Realtor Pat Fisher has found a new use for old newspapers — especially The Destin Log.

Fisher, who got her hands on a box full of first year editions of The Log, has turned them into unique gifts through decoupage.

She has displayed 1974 editions of The Log on picture frames and even trash cans.

However, they are not the original Logs

"I would never cut those up," Fisher said of the newspaper which was more of a newsletter back then. "They're so precious."

Instead, she makes copies of The Log pages and then uses that to do her handiwork.

Fisher acquired the old Logs from a Realtor friend who had picked them up in a yard sale.

"They were mostly all from the first year," Fisher said When her Realtor friend passed away, "I was willed the box of Logs," she said.

Fisher hung on to the papers thinking that one day she would do something with them.

When she opened her store Pat's Porch in 1999, a dealer in her store fashioned a few handbags from The Log.

"We didn't sell many," she said.

She closed her store in 2007 and about a year ago started decoupaging picture frames with pages from The Log.

"It's Destin history and they are authentic ... and I have busy hands," she says as part of the reasoning behind making the frames.

"This is busy hands and Florida," she said, noting she's a Florida freak.

She makes copies of The Log, cuts them to fit and then embellishes the frames with shells.

"It's just a craft for my busy hands. They are all hand made, one of a kind," Fisher said. "I do all of them different."

And because they are all uniquely different and handmade, they fit right in at Southern Hands Market in Norred Plaza.

"I had a fisherman come in and buy a few (of the frames) because it was Destin history," said Lea Ann Norred, owner of Southern Hands Market. "People who have been around for a while remember the old ads and places."

Some of the frames show ads for the Green Knight, an old landmark around town, the church directory, and places like

Silver Dunes and the Jitney Jungle.

Norred said the fun thing about The Log decoupaged frames is "people start talking about what they remember" when they see them.

The frames as well as the trash cans are just a few of the hand-crafted items made by locals sold at Southern Hands Market.

"What a great memory from Destin," Norred said. "They're not perfect, but that's what makes them fun," Fisher said of her frames.