Survey should provide 'good perspective' on city's business climate

Matt Algarin

The city's inaugural business survey has wrapped up and city officials are pleased with the participation.

"We've got about a 10 percent return," said Public Information Manager Doug Rainer. "We're thrilled with that for a first-time survey. It will give us a great sample set of data."

The web-based business survey, which was conducted by the Auburn Technical Assistance Center, was sent to more than 1,000 businesses in the city of Destin, with approximately 152 surveys returned.

As part of the survey, businesses were asked to respond to 19 questions that ranked various aspects of a business owner’s interaction with the city, as well as their overall satisfaction in a variety of categories.

On a scale of "very good, good, poor, very poor and don't know/unsure," businesses were asked to rate their "overall relationship with the city of Destin government." Another question asked business owner to weigh in on a scale of 1 (definitely wouldn't) to 10 (definitely would) as to whether or not, based on their experiences, they would recommend the city of Destin as a potential business location to family, friends and coworkers.

Business owners were also asked about the overall quality of service in the city, how they would rate their interactions with the city's staff, customer service, and their satisfaction with the codes and regulations that affect businesses in Destin.

Results from the business survey will be presented to city leaders during their March 4 City Council meeting.

With the results forthcoming, Mayor Sam Seevers said she can't wait to see what the city's businesses had to say.

"I think it's one aspect of our community we haven't gotten a pulse of in the past," she said. "This will give us a good perspective of whether or not we are going in the right direction, or if we are going to learn something we may not have known."