‘Art you can pass on’: Realtor opens Estate Antiques on Harbor Boulevard

Jennie McKeon
Taylor's favorite travel destination is Europe, where he chooses pieces in the style of Louis XVI.

Realtor Randy Taylor has never owned a retail store before — let alone a store full of centuries-old antiques.

However, when Taylor's parents passed away in 2011 and he was left with their tremendous collection of relics, he decided to give Destin shoppers the opportunity to acquire those pieces of history at The Estate Antiques on Harbor Boulevard.

"This whole store was unplanned; I'm learning as I go," Taylor said, "I figured I could put them in storage or I could share them with people."

Taylor has been a Realtor for the past 15 years, and he does have a background in antiques thanks to his parents.

"My parents were extensive travelers and loved antiques and taught me to appreciate them," he said. "Now when I travel, I look for antiques."

When Taylor decided to open the “antique boutique,” as he calls it, he added his own personal collection to the mix. The store is packed full of furniture, mantle pieces and art of all mediums. And all of the pieces are in pristine condition.

"This isn't even a fraction of what I have," he said. "I could fill this room up 10 times."

To Taylor, antiques serve as great souvenirs.

"When you buy antiques, it's a conversation piece," he said. "You have a piece of history."

As Taylor began collecting more, he also took an interest in restoration. With just one employee, he certainly has his hands full.

"I'm kind of a one-man show at the moment," he said with a laugh.

The store has only been open for a week and already Taylor has big plans for the store's future.

"I'd love to collaborate with Realtors and interior decorators," he said. "I'd love to host open-house parties and introduce artists."

As with most antique stores, if you love something you might want to snatch it up before it's gone.

"The inventory is always going to be changing, always unique," Taylor said.

While new, The Estate Antiques does have the advantage of offering local art and history lovers a well-curated selection of relics.

"There's no other place to find high-end, rare pieces of art," Taylor said.

Even though Taylor has found it hard at times to part with some of the collection, he looks forward to customers coming in to the store and finding that one special item.

"It's art you can pass on," Taylor said. "Everything in the store has a history, an age to it, a story behind it."

Want to learn more?

The Estate Antiques is located at 825 Harbor Blvd west of Target.

Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Saturday.

For more information, call 974-6644 or email Randy Taylor at

A website is under construction at