Travelling protest takes pair to Destin post office

Jessica Coker
Matt Guice of LaRouchePAC protests outside the Post Office in Destin on Monday.

Two members of the political group LaRouchePAC held a protest in front of the Post Office on Main Street in Destin on Monday.

New Jersey residents and longtime members Matt Guice and Frank Mathis told The Log that they have been traveling the country, expressing their disapproval for the federal government and Barack Obama's policies — particularly economic ideals and hyperinflation.

Guice — who has been a member of the group which espouses the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche since 1976 — said the solution to America's financial problem is to impeach President Obama.

"Restore The Constitution and we can save the nation," said Guice, while wearing a sandwich board sign of Obama with a Hitler mustache.

Reaction from the public appeared mixed — with some offering support and even money to the pair, while others challenged their beliefs. Longtime Destinite Evelyn Drowne told The Log "This is the most disgusting thing in politics I've seen yet."

The protest also ignited a verbal firestorm on The Log’s Facebook page.

Guice told The Log that they usually target post offices because they are centrally located within cities and typically get a lot of foot and vehicle traffic.

Before stopping in Destin, the duo stopped in Fort Walton Beach and other surrounding areas.

"We don't know where we're going from here," said Mathis.

Visit the LaRouchePAC page for more information on the group.