LETTER: Don’t accept New York Times characterization of Destin

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

I truly hate to agree with any criticism of my favorite place on earth, but I'm afraid if we're not careful we run the risk of eventually coming around to the image of us presented by John O’Connor in a recent article in New York Times Magazine. He called Destin “the region’s most overvisited city and not anywhere to stake a vacation claim, unless your thing is tattoo parlors, T-shirt emporiums and a pastel-stucco surf shop that recalls the gaudiness and grandeur of Graceland.”

Nonetheless, I will be sticking around to see it through and doing what I can to restore/preserve the charm and beauty of the little town by the sea my wife and I fell in love with more than 40 years ago. We can't stop progress, and who would want to, but please, let's try to guide our progress in a direction more thoughtful of our beautiful beaches and our laid back life style.

Nuff said, y'all know what I mean.

Meanwhile, who knows, maybe we'll all get lucky and Mr. O'Connor will have gotten a bad enough impression that he won't come back.

Bob Shill Birmingham/Destin