AS THE PAGE TURNS: Destin book club to deliver monthly book reports in The Log

Laura Hall, As the Page Turns
Members of The Page Turners book club, front l-r Barbara Morton, Jim MacCrae, Marilyn Schroer, Laura Hall. Back l-r Tina Kaple, Joyce Waters-Smith, Pat Collins, Diane MacCrae. (Members not shown in the picture are Nick MacCollum, Diane Fiore and Sally Maclin.)

The Destin Library, located at 150 Sibert Avenue, sponsors four book clubs that are open to the public. I have chosen one of the book clubs, The Page Turners, to look in on every month to see what they have chosen to read and what they think about the book. 

The Page Turners is composed of ten members, the maximum number in each club. This number was chosen to allow everyone time to share in the discussion. 

Every six months each member submits the title of a book he or she has enjoyed reading. The reading group gets a brief synopsis of each book and then votes on the books they want to read.  The club meets once a month at the library, and for one and a half hours they have an in-depth discussion of the book and the author of the book. 

Sometimes the meetings are reasonably bland but sometimes the discussion gets a bit raucous and Tina Kaple, a library employee and book club facilitator, must close the door to our meeting room so other library members are not distracted by our laughter, discussion or heated exchange (friendly fire, of course). 

Starting this month, a synopsis of the current book will be sent to The Destin Log, along with the collective vote of the members to give the book a “thumbs up’ or “thumbs down” rating.  All of the books presented here will be available to be checked out from the Destin library. After reading the synopsis and rating of the book, perhaps you will be intrigued enough to read it yourself or decide not to waste your time.

As the months turn into a year, the group will have turned many pages from a diverse selection of books. The books chosen can be fiction, non-fiction, classics, murder mysteries, historical, award winning or autobiographies.

Diversity makes the heart grow fonder and my cherished stack of books higher.