City to install boardwalk 'rules' signs along harbor

Matt Algarin
While they have yet to be installed, signs with boardwalk "rules" will be placed in three locations along the harbor boardwalk.

City crews will be placing signs along the harbor boardwalk reminding visitors to mind their manners.

"It was a council initiative," said Doug Rainer, public information manager for the city. "We want to make sure there were some guidelines for how you should behave on the city boardwalk."

A total of three signs will be installed, with one being placed at the city owned Royal Melvin Heritage Park and the other two on opposite ends of the boardwalk.

The blue signs will be adorned with the city of Destin logo and will have a total of six rules:

• Enjoy the boardwalk and please be courteous

• Keep our boardwalk and harbor clean. Trash receptacles provided.

• Unbreakable drink containers only.

• Pedestrians only except for strollers and wheeled devices for mobility impaired persons.

• Clean up after your pets and keep them leashed.

• No soliciting.

According to city documents, the boardwalk rules are already established in the easement agreement between the city of Destin and property owners, but some owners "are asking for these rules to be posted."

While the signs are meant to serve as general reminders to the public, Mayor Sam Seevers said the city and property owners along the harbor have been in discussions — specifically about the rule pertaining to glass bottles.

"We've made them all aware of these rules and they are looking at using plastic cups," she said.

The signs are expected to be installed in the new few weeks.