Easy as 1, 2, 3: ABC Fine Wine & Spirits sets sights on Northwest Florida market

Jessica Coker
The Orlando-based ABC Fine Wine & Spirits will be making it's Panhandle debut this weekend at the Sandestin Wine Festival.

Tipping back its first bottle on the Panhandle this weekend, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits is making its debut at the Sandestin Wine Festival, which continues through April 21.

Currently, there are 145 ABC Fine Wine & Spirits locations throughout the state, but, until recently; none have come any further west than Tallahassee.

Bob Gibson, the marketing officer for ABC, announced recently that the company would start their Panhandle expansion sometime this year. He added that they are looking to add two locations in the Panama City Beach area and one in Destin, and construction would probably get started as early as this summer, with the goal to open sometime next year.

"We're very excited to be expanding into these new markets," said Gibson. "As Florida's oldest and largest fine wine and spirits retailer, we've been interested in bringing our stores to the Panhandle for some time, and it's great to find ourselves at the right time to do that."

Opening in Orlando only three shaky years after Prohibition was repealed in 1933, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits has nearly 80 years experience in the libations business.

According to company legend, ABC's original founder Jack Holloway is said to have given the company its uniquely unoriginal name because he wanted to give his business a name that would be easily remembered and also because it would show up at the beginning of the phone book.

ABC is known for carrying thousands of wine, liquor and craft beer selections, while continuing "to uphold the traditions of community involvement in our family-owned company," Gibson said.

Lorena Streeter, marketing communications manager with ABC, told The Log that The Emerald Coast would be a good fit for ABC and they're "excited about expanding into the new market."

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