Holy mackerel — man dumps fish in water to escape scrutiny

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

A man who was catching and keeping Spanish mackerel without measuring them was cited after he dumped them in the water to escape scrutiny, according to a report.

During the week of April 12-18 (the specific day was not listed on the report), a plainclothes officer of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation was working the east jetty in Destin when he saw a man catching Spanish mackerel and not measuring them.

The officer counted the fish as the man caught them and put them in a bucket. The total came to 23. The man then transferred them from the bucket to a backpack.

When the officer confronted the man, he opened the backpack and dumped the fish into the water.

He was cited for interference with an officer by failing to permit an inspection. His name, city of residence and other details weren’t listed on the report.