LETTER: Another heartbreaking day in Destin's history (PHOTOS)

Madra McDonald

"You can't stop the future from unfolding." Really?

First it was the squandering of the beloved Mattie Kelly property by Dr. Bob Richburg and friends, then the development of the atrocious Emerald Grande, a slew of things in between, and now the City of Destin (and the previous homeowner) has succeeded again.

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When a city can't dig deep and preserve and protect the anchors of its precious history by restoring and celebrating the residence of its last standing oldest home, it has utterly and completely failed its residents — not to mention the many founding families who worked tirelessly to pave the way so WE can raise our families in "paradise."

No excuses. You guys simply didn't try hard enough. Damn sad that those in a position of influence lack the perseverance and vision to literally MAKE history by protecting it. Another heartbreaking day in Destin's history.

Madra McDonald