THE LOG ASKS: Week Two: May 15

Jessica Coker
Ernie Shillingburg — Destin — "I think once it gets going, it will be great," said Ernie Shillingburg, co-owner of Judy Shillingburg's Special Touch Gallery in HarborWalk Village. "I know some of the larger boats are having a tough time, it just needs to get done."

The Norriego Point dredging project has only been underway for a few days now, starting May 11, but The Log asked folks around Destin what they thought about the project so far.

With May 24 being the deadline for Gator Dredging, do you think the project is going to prove beneficial?

The Log asked a handful of locals and tourists who had a front-row view of the project at HarborWalk Village, and the opinions varied across the board.

For the reactions to the dredging project, take a look at the image gallery.

— Compiled by JESSICA COKER

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