YMCA: New York Life Child I.D.

Jessica Coker
New York Life Insurance Company employees Sarah Hasty and Cory Schroeder spent Saturday at the YMCA in Destin manning the Child I.D. Program table.

New York Life Insurance Company will host another Child I.D. Program Saturday, May 18, starting at 8 a.m. at the Destin YMCA.

Destin's YMCA became headquarters for New York Life Insurance Company on Saturday as agents set up a table to provide an invaluable service to the community. Peace of mind is something you just can't put a price on, but the folks at New York Life have their opinion of what it should cost — nothing.

Founded in 1845, New York Life has been a staple in the insurance game for more than a century, and now they are using that age-old wisdom to protect area children through the Child I.D. Program.

Created using the EZ Child I.D. System, a comprehensive digital fingerprinting system, the Child I.D. Program offers parents something you can't put a price on — peace of mind.

Cory Schroeder and Sarah Hasty are two of the many employees from New York Life, who facilitate the Child I.D. Program. The insurance duo was set up Saturday at the YMCA in Destin during National Healthy Kids Day, where they were making IDs for anyone who asked.

“It literally only takes three minutes to print the ID," Hasty said.

The way the program works is simple, Hasty told The Log. A parent or guardian simply fills out paperwork with the child's information — height, weight, hair color, eye color — and then the child is fingerprinted, their picture is taken and the I.D. is made.

The I.D. program has no age restrictions. According to Schroeder, they’ve made IDs for children as young as two weeks old to people as old as 90.

"It's specifically targeted for children since they can't get driver's licenses, but the I.D. program is actually all-encompassing," said Schroeder. "We've made IDs for elderly people who have diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, so they can be used as medical cards as well."

In addition to humans, the I.D. program is also open to furry family members.

"We've made IDs for animals," said Schroeder. "We make a lot for dogs . . . since dogs obviously don't have fingerprints we can't print them, so we tried to get a nose print from a few of them . . . and it didn't work."

The New York Life Child I.D. Program sets up at various community events a few times a month. For more information on New York Life and its Child I.D. Program, visit NewYorkLife.com.