FIRE REFERENDUM: See the results here

Matt Algarin


The official results, according to the Supervisor of Elections office, are in and they include early voting, absentee ballots and all precincts.

NO: 1,685, or 80.73 percent.

YES: 402, or 19.26 percent.

The polls have closed and votes on the Destin Fire Control District millage cap referendum are being counted.

As of the night's first release, which includes Absentee and Early Voting results, there are 860 "No" votes, compared to 294 "Yes" votes. These are unoffical vote totals.

The referendum is asking voters to approve an increase in the district's millage cap from 1.0 mils to 3.75 mils, which is the maximum allowable under state statutes. Fire officials say the increase is necessary to continue providing the level of service residents have become accustomed to, while opponents say the measure would give the district a "blank check."

To follow the live updates, courtesy of the Supervisor of Elections, CLICK HERE.