HART: O-bots abound

Ron Hart, The Hart Beat

ROSEMARY BEACH — Near the 2012 election, and after bragging about killing bin Laden based on intelligence gained by water-boarding (a tactic he campaigned against), Obama and his O-bots lied to us about Benghazi. O-bots are the many disciples in his administration and the media who, like robots, do Obama's bidding when it's asked for or implied.

O-bots knowingly put out the false narrative blaming the 9/11 attack on a "spontaneous reaction" to an obscure YouTube video. Either the Benghazi Film Critics' Society is the most brutal in the world, or the release of the amateur video just happened to coincide with “Bring Your Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher to Work Day.” 

It was a lie from the get-go.

Hillary Clinton’s State Department colluded with other agencies, and probably Obama’s campaign team in Chicago, to rewrite the post-Benghazi talking points 11 times and purge them of anything that reflected negatively on the president. Her redacting the facts from the administration’s narrative in order to protect her meal ticket, the president of the United States, rings nostalgic.  It’s as if she is first lady again.

Even if the truth had slipped out, that al-Qaida overran our defenses at the Benghazi consulate and then the terrorists outran our ability to catch them, the media would have been instructed to say, "Obama has Islamic militants on the run!"

I don't put much stock in second-guessing the decisions leading up to the Benghazi attacks. Our consulates and embassies are sitting ducks for these radical religious terrorists.

What I continue to point out are the lies and cover-ups that ensued, aided by the media. And most troubling, to legitimize their lies, the O-bots had seven armed policemen ceremoniously arrest, on dubious charges and on national television, the hapless U.S. citizen who made that YouTube video. He still sits in prison today, held without bail, nine months later. That should send chills down your spine.

The media made a cartoon of George W. Bush by making fun of how he said “terror” or “nuclear.” Yet when Obama tries to enunciate the true threats to our country in his speeches, his teleprompter auto-changes radical Islam to “NRA” or “Tea Party.”

The two terrorist brothers in our midst who carried out the Boston bombings had accomplices in liberal government policies: lax immigration, welfare state largesse, college admissions/loans/indoctrination, and political correctness. These are all bastions of the left, which produces constituents for them. One would think the immigrant college kids named Tsarnayev, Kudyrbayev and Tazhayakov would have been caught trying to smuggle too many consonants into our country.

Further evidence of O-bots came to light this week when it was revealed that the IRS targeted another archenemy of the administration, Tea Party organizations. These grass roots “terrorists,” as some Democrats call them, have this crackpot notion that we as a nation should adhere to our Constitution; for this they were systematically targeted for IRS audits. Rep. Boustany, R-La, who chairs the House Ways and Means Committee’s oversight subcommittee, said this “reveals at least two unethical actions by the IRS. One: As early as 2010, they targeted groups for political purposes. Two: They willfully and knowingly lied to Congress for years …”

Around this time, the foundation that I started to advance freedom and the understanding of economics was audited. I spent time and money fighting the IRS about my giving away scholarships to send kids to Georgetown University to study limited government and free-market economics. This was money I gave to needy but worthy students from my modest state school alma mater to attend a supposedly prestigious university.

The IRS hassled and audited me about how I gave away my money to a proper 501(c) organization. Interestingly, liberal Georgetown University recently ran us off campus. Colleges tolerate alternative lifestyles, but not alternative thinking. 

And do you think the recent FBI raid on Republican Gov. of Tennessee Bill Haslam’s family business and the feds' probe of GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson are coincidences?

The common theme is that, in every situation that is potentially politically damaging, the Obama administration instructs, either directly or implicitly, its O-bots in government and the media to advance his narrative while he remains distant enough not to have his fingerprints on it. To survive in Illinois politics, where Rod Blagoevich was the fourth governor in recent history to go to prison, you have to know how to hide evidence.

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