From his family to yours: Realtor enjoying new business, selling personal relics

Jennie McKeon
The Estate Antiques owner Randy Taylor said the store is packed with rare and mint-condition relics. Each piece is appraised before entering the showroom.

There are still treasures to find at The Estate Antiques.

Since its grand opening in February, the "antique boutique" has seen much success, said owner Randy Taylor.

"I've met some great clients from all over the south and sold a lot of my inventory," he said.

Taylor wasn't always planning on opening a store full of relics, but when his parents passed, he was left with an impressive stockpile of antique furniture, art and knick knacks.

Instead of storing the inventory, he decided to share it with fellow antique lovers.

"I just jumped in," Taylor said of opening the store. "And I couldn't have been more blessed. I'm really enjoying the business and I hope it continues."

While Taylor does have an extensive background in sales — he's been a Realtor for the past 15 years — he has learned a few things about owning a business.

"I learned it's a lot of hard work," he said with a laugh. "I enjoy sales and like realty if you price it right, you will sell it and I feel like I've priced these items right."

As someone who appreciates art and antiques, Taylor understands his customers and enjoys sharing his passion with them.

"You don't need a beautiful, Renaissance era china cabinet. It's not a necessity, it's a desire," he said. "It's fun to watch a customer's excitement in the store."

As he continues to sell, Taylor has had to say goodbye to some of his parent's personal collection.

"It was bittersweet," he said. "But life moves on with art. The pieces were enjoyed by my family and now they can be enjoyed by another."

Through the store, Taylor has been able to keep the memory of his mother and father alive.

"It's like the spirit of my parents are here — everything they taught me is coming through," he said.

When The Estate Antiques door first opened, Taylor said he wanted the inventory to constantly change and offer clients something new. Thanks to loyal customers and Taylor frequenting estate sales for more inventory, he has succeeded.

"It's a whole new showroom," he said. "And it's full of rare, unique pieces."

The boutique boasts grand, crystal chandeliers, 18th century works of art, Moroccan end tables and more — all of which are in excellent condition and have been evaluated by a certified antique appraiser.

One of Taylor's favorite things about owning and selling antiques is the conversations they bring. Taylor has even had clients contact him just to talk about their own collection of relics.

"Put any of our items in your home and I promise it will bring more conversation than any other piece," he said.

The Estate Antiques, located at 825 Harbor Blvd., regularly changes, featuring new items. Enjoy sales every Saturday. For more information, call 424-7204.