The Mosquito Authority can cure what bugs you

Jessica Coker

Bradford Kindergan says The Mosquito Authority can cure what’s bugging you.

Kindergan said his style of ridding your yard from mosquitoes and other insects is different than other pest control businesses.

After surveying the homeowner’s yard, Kindergan and/or his four-person team at The Mosquito Authority begin the de-mosquitoing-process by spraying the yard with a thin, mist that kills the adult mosquitos in the area.

"We don't just spray for adult mosquitos, but we treat the entire area," said Kindergan. "Then we sprinkle granules around the yard that will kill the mosquito larvae and interrupt their lifecycle process."

The combination of spray and granules also act as an invisible fence of sorts, creating a barrier in and around the yard.

To ensure that your yard stays mosquito free all summer long, The Mosquito Authority professionals make a trip every three weeks to repeat this process. Kindergan told The Log the entire process from start to finish takes about 30 minutes depending on the size of your yard and costs $69 every three weeks.

The Mosquito Authority professionals call this three-week service the recurring barrier spray. But, they do offer two other choices if the three-week timeline doesn’t work for you.

"We offer another service, the special event spray, which will rid your yard in a hurry if you're having a party or event outside." The one time event special costs $119.

The third service offered is the installation of a mosquito repelling system that goes off at various times throughout the day, creating a barrier around your yard.

The Mosquito Authority uses only safe, nontoxic chemicals in their insect repellents.

"The chemicals we use are milder than the chemicals used in most mosquito sprays like Deep Woods Off," Kindergan said. "Like any other chemical being sprayed, you don't want to let your children or pets play in it while it's wet, but once it's dry you and your family and perfectly safe to enjoy your yard."

Kindergan added that the longest it takes for a yard to dry is usually about an hour.

Kindergan told The Log that the typical mosquito season lasts from about March through November, but with all of the humidity, Destin and the rest of Okaloosa County never really sees an official end to its season.

Opening his branch of The Mosquito Authority in April, Kindergan said business has been good so far.

The Mosquito Authority is a nationally-known company with its roots in Hickory, North Carolina, and offices throughout the country.

For more information on The Mosquito Authority and the services they offer, visit or call them at 850-533-0331.