Code enforcement steps up street parking warnings

Matt Algarin
A homeowner who was ticketed twice shared his Code Enforcement warning with The Log.

As the summer season is in full swing, the city's code enforcement officers are stepping up enforcement of parking violations throughout Destin.

"We've been more active since Spring Break," Code Enforcement Officer Joey Forgione told The Log.

In Destin, the city's code of ordinances prohibit cars from stopping or parking on the roadway or curbside; on a sidewalk; within an intersection; or on a crosswalk. If found in violation, code enforcement officers can issue a ticket or a citation, or tow the vehicle if it causes a public safety hazard.

Forgione told The Log that the city's parking regulations mirror those that are already in place in the state of Florida. He also said the city's officers focus on education and issue more warnings, by far, than they do actual tickets.

"We've only issued five tickets since Memorial Day, and we have over 200 warnings," he said. "They are going to be educated first."

The primary patrols are taking place in Crystal Beach, where a couple residents have complained to The Log.

More times than not, Forgione said residents and visitors comply with requests to move vehicles from the side of the roadway, but if they don't and he has to warn them multiple times, he will issue a ticket. Tickets for violations are $35.

"They have to think of the other motorists, pedestrians, and emergency vehicles and their safety," he said. "Think about a woman walking with a stroller, you don't want her to have to walk in the street."