The Soundtrack of Destin: Part I

Special to The Log

Marianne Lessner: ABBA songs

LisaMarie Santos: Depends where I'm at in Destin. LOL.

Marko Davisimo: "Too Many People" by Paul McCartney.

Jody Jones: "Wish You Were Here" by Greg Barnhill

Gerd Granli Haugom Boucher: "Margaritaville"

Eric Koebbe: "Toes" by Zach Brown Band

Jennifer Fisher: "Blame it on the Rain"

Laura Anne Williams: Like said above, depends where I am. Destin is home, lived here all my life, so I hear just about every song I listen to in Destin.

Tim Candelario: "On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful," by Kenny Chesney!

Andrae Harris: "Hello Sunday... it's our fun day. Don't look now cuz here comes Monday. Raise your glass and make a toast... it's party time on the Emerald Coast..." ­­— Busta Move AJ's Tiki Bar anthem by Jim Esposito

Jennifer Hodges Wilson: "One Particular Harbor" by Jimmy Buffett

Kibbie Marie Finn: "Semi-Charmed Life" by Third Eye Blind... My summer beach anthem when I came there as a kid

Leigh Hamilton: "Out Here" by Heritage

Laura Martin: "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot..."

Andy McKavanagh: All songs by the band Traffic.

Kathleen Reed: Any Passage songs are good, too!

Doug Kimbro: Fleetwood Mac's "Future Games"

John Majeska: "I can't drive 55!" (because I'm stuck in traffic as usual!)

Jim Huston: "A Pirate looks at 40" by Jimmy Buffett

Brooke Summers Frizzell: "This City"

Marcia L. Paton: Sheryl Crow's "Soak Up The Sun"

Angie Hilderbrand: "Pontoon" by Little Big Town, simply because it's about chillin' on the water and just feels beachy!

Nancy Canup Gravitt: Sort of an odd choice, but there is a reason: Lionel Ritchie's "Stuck On You."

Pamela Donald Feldhake: Kenny Chesney's "Anything but Mine"

Randy Hayden: "Crab Island Rendezvous” by Eric Stone

Wes Gaines: "Out Here" Heritage 2012. "....yeahhh what a wonderful life!"

Carolyn Ford Brownell: "Walking on Sunshine."

Marguerite Barry Richter: UB40's "Red Red Wine." Reminds me of my dad on booze cruises back when we first moved there in the early 90s.

Julie Theiss: Right now, Garth Brooks, "Thunder Rolls!"

Marko Davisimo: "Yankee Go Home"

John S. Williams: "Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season."

Zachary Bo McLean: Richard Simmons' "Party Off The Pounds!'

Vena Sensenbaugh: "The Beach Theme Song" by Moby

Mariko Lamb: "Red Red Wine!" Heard it non-stop growing up running the docks.

Mendoza Fam: "Pumps and A Bump"


Post a comment below and tell us what song reminds you of Destin.