‘The Good Book’ will open with scenes, actors from Village Baptist Church (PHOTOS)

Jacob Fuller
A Gulf baptism similar to this one in our emerald green waters will be featured in the film. On June 2, nine people were baptized by Village Baptist Pastor Dan Alvers, Sr. Pastor Dr. Steven Davies and Worship Pastor Matt Plunk, who will be assisting in the Saturday filming of “The Good Book.”

It’s not every decade someone shoots a silent, feature-length evangelical movie.

Destin will be the setting for a couple scenes of what may be the first attempt at such an endeavor in the modern film era. Writer/director Sharon Wilharm and a cast of dozens of locals will begin shooting “The Good Book” Saturday at Village Baptist Church.

“The Good Book,” which Wilharm said will contain no dialogue at all, is a story of seven strangers and one copy of the New Testament Bible that affects all of their lives.

“In a way, the Bible is the main character,” Wilharm told The Log. “(One character) ends up handing the Bible to the next person, and suddenly it’s their story. It’s a different cast of people, living different lives, and then the Bible gets passed along.”

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The film will be Wilharm’s fifth to co-produce with her husband, Fred, a former communications arts major at University of West Florida who also edits her movies. The Wilharms fund the productions entirely out of their own pockets, which allows them total control over the finished project.

“We just feel like it’s our responsibility to fund our own movie,” Wilharm said. “I know most (filmmakers) do fundraising, but we just work with the amount of money God blesses us with.”

The Wilharms lived in Defuniak Springs before they moved to Springfield, Tenn., in 2007. That is where they met Grace Plunk at Springfield Baptist Church. Plunk and her husband, Matt, had worked as extras in productions in the Nashville area, including ABC’s “Nashville.” When Wilharm learned about the Plunks’ acting experience, she asked them to play roles in her film “Flowers For Fannie,” which wrapped in November 2012 and has been selected for several film festivals.

The couples became friends, then pulled a geographic switcheroo. In December, Matt Plunk got a job as the worship pastor at Village Baptist Church in Destin, where the Wilharm’s once attended services.

“I thought that was the last I’d ever see of Sharon,” Grace Plunk said. “That was before I knew she had lived here. We just switched places.”

Wilharm decided in the spring to shoot two scenes of “The Good Book” in Destin, so she called Plunk in May and asked if she wanted to help her make another movie.

“I was thinking, ‘Oh my, I have to drive back and forth to Nashville,’ ” Plunk said. “Then she said, ‘I’m thinking about doing some scenes in Destin.”

Wilharm asked Plunk to be her casting director for the Destin scenes. Plunk was happy to help. There aren’t many film opportunities in Destin, so finding enthusiastic actors and extras to play a role in the movie was easy work, Plunk said.

Wilharm and the crew, which is made up entirely of her family members, will shoot one scene in the youth building at Village Baptist Church. The other will feature 55 local extras and take place on the beach and in the emerald green waters.

Plunk said she was a little thrown by the idea of a silent film at first, but warmed up to it.

“I thought, ‘That’s kind of different.’ It’s really cool, and it’s a new project. I am excited about the impact that it will have on the lives of people. (Wilharm) can share that (movie) internationally with people, and they won’t have the problems of language barriers,” Plunk said.

“The Good Book” has generated quite a bit of buzz before shooting a single scene. The Christian Post and Charismanews.com, among others, have featured stories about the film since late May.

Learn more about the movie at www.goodbookmovie.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheGoodBookMovie