Two collections become one: Estate Antiques adds local celebrity Ron Adams' relics to inventory

Jennie McKeon
When Joy Adams (left) and her husband Ron were looking to downsize their extensive antique collection, they called upon Taylor (right) for help.

Since Estate Antiques first opened its doors in February, owner Randy Taylor has been quickly moving inventory from the private collection he acquired from his parents. Now, his antique sales have expanded beyond his family.

When friends Ron and Joy Adams recently sold their 20,000 square-foot home in Destin, they found they didn't have space for all the furniture that went in it.

"It's just me and Ron," Joy said inside the Estate Antiques store. "We went from a 20,000-square-foot home to a 5,000-square-foot home, so obviously we had to downsize."

Ron Adams, who is known widely for his Elvis tribute concerts, called Taylor and asked for help to sell their bevy of antiques locally instead of sending pieces to bigger cities such as Atlanta — a task Taylor accepted graciously.

"Ron and Joy are dear friends; I was very pleased and honored they chose me," Taylor said. "Their collection is similar to what my parent's had, so it's a beautiful match."

It was hard to say goodbye to some of the larger pieces, Joy said, referring to an early 17th century table with an Italian marble-stone top. However, she hasn't missed the chance to furnish her new home with some newly acquired antiques.

"Randy and I have been doing some trading," Joy said with a laugh.

Estate Antiques is a revolving door for relics. The Adams' additions have been quickly selling as well. Some items even have a celebrity story behind them, like the tortoise shell pedestals that once belonged to the singer Michael Jackson, who was an avid antique collector.

"That wasn't even here for a week," Taylor said.

Don't worry though, there are still plenty of items in the store to peruse. From the rose medallion urns acquired from a private estate on the French Rivera to a hand-carved Renaissance china cabinet — even taxidermy pieces such as a seven-foot Grizzly Bear and a mounted African Oryx Gemsbox headpiece — there's something for everyone's taste.

"We have a gorgeous, 2,000-square-foot store filled with half a million dollars of inventory in here," Taylor said.

Purchasing antiques is not just about furnishing a room, but is also about getting to collect tangible pieces of history.

"If these things could just have a GPS and you could track where they have been …" Taylor said. "Anytime when you have a piece that has more of a story, it adds to its value."

As a Realtor, Taylor hadn't expected to one day own an "antique boutique" as he calls it, but he's been certainly enjoying turning one of his hobbies into a successful business. 

"I'm learning as I go," Taylor said. "But I've been very fortunate and blessed to have such great clients. It's been a great ride."

Want to go?

Be on the lookout for future sales at Estate Antiques, including an estate sale with more items from the Adams' collections this fall. Estate Antiques is located at 825 Harbor Blvd. Call 850-974-6644 for more information.