LETTER: Council has gone too far in helicopter regulations

Norman Clinkscales, Speaking Out

We have been observing for some time the ongoing battle between our Destin city and county public servants and Timberview Helicopters. This latest round of legal maneuvering by the council has, in my opinion, crossed the line between serving the public interest and abuse of power and harassment. 

The council’s obvious intention is to run Timberview out of town by whatever legal means necessary, and I just don't understand why. 

Air traffic is an integral part of living in Destin. Timberview aircraft are just as safe and abide by the same rules as all of the other military and civilian traffic we see all day long every day around the beach and harbor.

It's fun to watch them land and take off.

The tours add a "cool factor” to the harbor scene, and vacationers love them.  I live on the harbor, and helicopter tours are just a small fraction of the traffic. They are no more annoying than the dozen or so parasail boats always coming and going and hanging tourists out in the breeze to dry. 

Oh yeah, I forgot, we are talking about regulating them out of business now as well.

Our city and county hired help are trying to "protect" us from a responsible business owner playing by the rules and providing a great addition to the Destin vacation experience. 

Council, quit abusing and overstepping your authority and let the FAA oversee him. They know what they're doing. You don't. 

Norman Clinkscales