Strip club application continues to move through review process

Matt Algarin
The proposed strip club, The Runway, would be located at 908 Airport Road.

With a Monday deadline in place, representatives from The Runway have submitted the appropriate paperwork to city planners.

As part of the review process for the city's first strip club, city planners had been waiting on responses that addressed issues from the city's Technical Review Team, which is tasked with reviewing the application for any "technical standards" their organization requires.

"From the technical components, that's what city staff and the TRT is looking at right now," Community Development Director Ken Gallander told The Log Tuesday morning.

Representatives from The Runway provided city planners with their third submittal package on Aug.13. The package was then turned back over to the TRT for review the following day. Items that were addressed as part of the re-submittal include a revised traffic analysis; changes to the landscaping plan; updates to the multimodal transportation district concurrency evaluation; and revisions to the architectural floor plans, which indicate stage elevations and the distance requirements between the dancers and customers.

Since applying for a development order to construct a 20,000-plus square-foot, two story strip club at 908 Airport Road earlier this year, the city's staff and attorneys have been working through the application review process with representatives from the strip club, which includes local attorney Dana Matthews, who was unavailable for comment.

While the technical components of the application are under review, Gallander said the city is still waiting to hear back from strip club representatives about outstanding legal questions.

The city is asking for clarification over ownership of Trident Operations and whether or not they have the legal standing to open the proposed strip club under the conditions of a settlement agreement signed with the late Terry Stephenson, who was murdered outside of his Atlanta strip club Pin-Ups in 2012.

"We are ensuring they are aware of it every time we do a review," he said.

The TRT has until Aug. 28 to re-submit any questions or comments they may have to city planners, which then would be forwarded to strip club representatives.

"Each time we do a review the comments shrink, so it moves quicker," Gallander said.

Once the technical review is wrapped up, the next step is for the applicants to work through the building review process, which will address where items such as AC units and bathrooms will be placed, as well as the types of materials used in construction.

"They still have to get permits to build," Gallander said. "They've already begun that process."