POLICE BLOTTER: A drug bust and alleged assault

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The Destin Log
Adam Paul Fletcher, left, and Joseph Trevor Duke, right.

Man stopped for traffic violation busted for drugs

A man who was stopped for a traffic violation ended up being arrested for having drugs and a concealed weapon, lawmen say.

The man, 22-year-old Joseph Trevor Duke of Shalimar, was stopped on Stahlman Avenue near the intersection of Mountain Drive by an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy, who smelled marijuana coming from Duke’s car. He asked about it and Duke admitted he had marijuana in his backpack, producing a pill bottle that contained some.

The deputy then asked if Duke had any weapons, and he said he had a gun in his pants pocket. The deputy found a Ruger LCP 380 automatic.

A drug-sniffing dog detected more drugs in Duke’s car. Deputies reported finding two different kinds of prescription drugs, Lortab and Flexeril.

After he was arrested, Duke said he didn’t have a concealed carry permit, and that the pills were for his personal use, according to the report. He said he carried the gun because he’d been robbed in the past, and that he hadn’t had time to apply for the permit.

He was charged with possession of drugs without a prescription, carrying a concealed firearm, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, marijuana possession, and drug equipment possession.

His plea date is Sept. 24.

Man pushed woman off deck, grabbed her by throat

A woman told lawmen her boyfriend became angry during an argument about his alleged cheating and pushed her off their deck, then choked her.

On Aug. 19 Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputies went to Sacred Heart Hospital to speak with the woman, who said the day before she and her boyfriend of nine years, 40-year-old Adam Paul Fletcher, got into an argument about his alleged encounters with other women. She said he became violent and pushed her off their deck. She fell about 3 feet to the ground. Then, she said, he grabbed her by the throat, causing her to momentarily lose consciousness.

This information was noted in the arrest report provided by the Sheriff’s Office.

Fletcher was charged with felony battery and has a Sept. 24 plea date.