BOTE manager offers reward after thieves swipe tents

Jacob Fuller
BOTE is offering a reward for any information that leads to the arrest of two culprits who robbed the store Oct. 19.

The manager at BOTE Board on Highway 98 is offering a YETI cooler for information leading to the arrest of two people who robbed the store the morning of Oct. 19.

At approximately 2:43 a.m., two individuals pulled into BOTE’s parking lot in what appeared to be a dark, late-model Dodge Dakota extra cab truck and left with two display tents that were on the store’s front lawn.

Law enforcement officials reviewed film from BOTE’s security cameras, but were unable to see the robbers’ faces or get a license plate number from the vehicle. A third tent, which was not stolen, blocked the camera’s view of the culprits.

“It they would have pulled that (tent) out, we would have been able to see everything,” manager Clint Brown told The Log. “They made off with the two tents and they were gone.”

The tents were out front as part of a sale BOTE held Friday. One has a black top, with BOTE’s logo printed in large white letters. The other tent belonged to YETI, and had a navy blue top with the YETI logo printed in white letters.

The custom tents cost about $1,500 each, Brown said. They would be easily identifiable, as they were created specifically for the companies’ promotional events and are not available for purchase.

Brown said he has already had two more security cameras installed and plans to get two more soon.

“I’ll be ready next time. I’ve got cameras and we’re getting lighting set up outside, too,” Brown said.

It was the second robbery at outside BOTE in recent months. Earlier this year, someone stole a paddle board that was strapped to a trailer behind the store.

Brown didn’t specify the model of the YETI cooler he is offering as a reward. The least-expensive YETI cooler has a suggested retail price of more than $200.

To provide information on the robbers or the whereabouts of the tents, call Brown at 850-460-2250.